What should you expect from a drone video session?

Safety, attention to details and responsible communications.

Set aside the technical details of the drone, the camera and the editing. Consider these often overlooked secrets to success.

  1. Safety first – Any time you have a airborne camera, you must attend to safety. A certified pilot will have a check list of safety items that they should clear with you before filming.
  2. Details –  If you are filming for cinematography, composition and coverage are two areas to be discussed. If you are doing structural or data gathering, make sure you run sample shots to insure good data collection. Even if it appears obvious, make sure the words have been said.
  3. Responsible Communications – This is a fundamental requirement. Be sure you can talk through the process, problems and solutions with the pilot and crew.

Made from steal-ing

“Steal like an artist” – great phrase, but to understand it, read some of Austin Kleon’s work (#AustinKleon). Brilliant way to get from here to wherever the next level is for you and your design.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.41.36 AM

Austin Kleon

Austin has an informal way of writing and describing things that we already do. The design process is a cumulative process, one that percolates in the recesses of your brain. Design research is not necessarily a structured process, it is a way of looking at the world, both natural and man-made.

Easy to talk about, but in order to make something great from stew that is simmering your brain, you do have to taste test, spoon it out, add some more spice and serve it up.

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