FAA Maps to be released

Getting waivers to fly in restricted airspace is a time consuming process. This article links to the FAA release of maps that will speed up this process.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to release the first set of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) facility maps on April 27. The maps will depict areas and altitudes near airports where UAS may operate safely. They will help drone operators improve the quality of their Part 107 airspace authorization requests, which will help the FAA process these requests more quickly.

Check this link for more information. 



What should you expect from a drone video session?

Safety, attention to details and responsible communications.

Set aside the technical details of the drone, the camera and the editing. Consider these often overlooked secrets to success.

  1. Safety first – Any time you have a airborne camera, you must attend to safety. A certified pilot will have a check list of safety items that they should clear with you before filming.
  2. Details –  If you are filming for cinematography, composition and coverage are two areas to be discussed. If you are doing structural or data gathering, make sure you run sample shots to insure good data collection. Even if it appears obvious, make sure the words have been said.
  3. Responsible Communications – This is a fundamental requirement. Be sure you can talk through the process, problems and solutions with the pilot and crew.

Do I need a FAA Certified Pilot to get drone video?

The bottom line is that if you are paying for drone pictures or video, you must have an FAA certified pilot.

Those are the rules.

And, let’s be realistic. You want to be sure that the time, effort and money you spend on aerial images gets you the media that you need. You need to have confidence in the pilot to fly safely, whether it is a tower, an orchard or a solar array.

If you are looking for cinematography, you also need a pilot who can compose and create compelling images.

Let’s talk about what your next project entails. I can check off on both the design and the certification boxes.