Aerial Imagery

Working backwards is the best way to move forward on your next aerial imagery project.

What is the purpose, audience, duration and style for the media? Basic questions ? Yes. From those answers, you will be able to make effective decisions about the production, the costs, timing and deliverables.

I will be posting a pricing worksheet that will help quantify your project and estimate some prices.

North Coast Aerials

California coast, north of Mendocino. Always a dramatic view, especially from the air. Edited with music by Scott Buckley ...
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Freefly Imagineering

Freefly Systems, maker of the Alta UAS and MoVI stabilizers opens up a contest to put their systems in new ...
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Delta Waterways

Owl Harbor fingers into the Delta, connecting sailors to wind and water ...
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Wolf Creek @ Tar Ditch

Aerial video. More water. Diversion dam on Wolf Creek. One of many that divert water for the county water agency ...
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